I stumbled upon a band this weekend:  WorshipMob.  Blew me away.  I listened for an hour.  I do not know much about them except that a couple out of Denver, Colorado wanted to gather worshipers together to create jams where the entire focus is to Worship God, but even more, to let God love on them.  The recorded sessions are with varying musicians, dancers, artists, believers.  The particular one I heard was labeled Venture Worship 3—LionHearted, Build My Life, Spontaneous.  You can find it on YouTube along with others.

Here are the lyrics that grabbed me….

“How astonishing
How bewildering
The Ruler of the Universe wants me
and He loves me
He’s wild about me
He’s wild about me.”

Is there anyone you can say in your life that feels that way about you?  I can say it about my hubby.  Maybe there are some people who are fond of me…but Wild about me?

Really….how many of us actually think, let alone believe, that GOD…the Ruler of the Universe, cares about us?  Of even considers us?

But Wild About?

That HE loves and wants US…

So that is the Word for today and for this week:  Stop right now.  Let yourself feel this. God is Wild about YOU!  You do not need to perform. You do not need to accomplish your To Do list.  You do not have to do anything.  God, the Ruler of the Universe, is Wild about you.

Let yourself feel it.  Sit with it. Dance with it (at least try tapping your toes to it!).

“Don’t give up
Just keep going
Heaven is dancing over you and cheering you forward…
Keep the faith.”

If this reality permeated our existence, our lives could change.  Even in the hardship, our realities could harness hope.  We would find strength and maybe even joy for putting one foot in front of the other in the journey.  We would have a purpose that is not there when we live in doubt of just how much God really wants us.  He wants US, something different but born out of love.  He WANTS us.

Remind yourself today:  The Ruler of the Universe is WILD about you! XOXO



  1. tinamariecavender

    Wow…look at His beautiful children <3… The studio looks very inviting. I'd love to worship there.

  2. Lance Gross

    Absolutely AMAZING worship!! Thanks for highlighting this group and bringing them to our attention. I’m hooked 🙂

  3. S Loire King

    God, Our God, is so delighted in us. I can not get over that idea…. I love how that delight is on these worshipers’ faces and in their dancing and artistic expressions.

  4. jane doe

    I love WorshipMob!

  5. grace2bme

    incredibly awesome!

  6. Samuel Vang

    I think i found a new favorite worship team! thank you!

  7. Lesley Mukwedeya

    This is very refreshing and anointed. What a beautiful song and the creative aspects of the video is amazing from the dancing to the painting. The studio looks amazing and God centered.

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