Some people have a serious misconception about healing fragments and alters that creates a significant barrier to the healing process.  In the past I have had a few different people approach me online to point out they believe that my “focus” on trying to tell everyone their souls are broken into pieces is creating more brokenness, and giving the enemy greater room to afflict people by speaking death over them.  I believe inner healing is incredibly important, and I take it quite seriously, both in my own life and that of others, so I feel it is important to clear up some misunderstanding, and to explain why I focus on healing fragments and alters.

Let me ask you this:  if, as a nurse, I educate a diabetic patient about their diabetes, informing them of the risks and problems associated with their condition, am I making their diabetes worse?  Of course not.  On the contrary, by educating the patient about his or her pre-existing condition, I set up conditions to help manage and even help heal the problem (And yes, Type II Diabetes can be reversed).

If someone is unaware of a preexisting problem, he or she cannot fix it.  People die from unexpected heart attacks every day because they were unaware they were in danger.  Educating the public about the risks of a diet and lifestyle that promotes poor cardiac health does not, again, exacerbate the problem.  It gives people room to turn things around before a fatal problem rears its ugly head.

Healing fragments and alters is no different.  If someone has struggled much of his or her life with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) the problem of multiple fractured parts is readily apparent.  But what about everyone else?  Abuse is a common cause of DID, but what about all of those people who have suffered abuse but haven’t manifested the symptoms?  Did they somehow escape the problem, or are they still suffering from a more covert version of the same issue?

I personally believe that every adult human has these fractured parts that need healing and integration into the core self.  Some don’t share that belief, and that is okay.  There is no rule that says we have to agree on everything.  Nevertheless, disagreeing with me that everyone has the problem doesn’t negate the fact that some people verifiably do have this problem.  If you don’t feel this subject speaks to you, that’s fine, but it doesn’t make the problem go away for those who are affected by it—and people are affected by it.

What about the accusation that pushing this view is only creating more brokenness, and is speaking death over people instead of life?  Again, it comes back to the goal.  I don’t talk about this subject to afflict people any more than someone who teaches about the problem of sin does so to add more sin.  No, we educate about the problem so we can connect people with a solution.  When I share that we have inner brokenness, the goal is to help connect people with resources to become whole.  For those who regularly follow my blog, you will observe that it is very rare that I discuss some type of problem without providing possible solutions or at least a direction to help move forward at the end of the article.  I have written a lengthy 9-part blog on physical healing to point out the reasons why people don’t heal, all in order to connect people with solutions.

We all want answers to life’s problems, and I firmly believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only lasting solution to those problems.  However, in spite of the fact that this gospel has been preached for 2,000 years, we rarely see the level of results that the Body of Christ ought to be seeing for what we teach and preach.  I personally am not content to continue to rehash the same teachings that haven’t borne significant fruit before and expect that repeating them enough times will somehow gain better results in the future.  Thus, I start asking intelligent questions to uncover hidden problems.  Why hidden problems?  Because if they were obvious, we would have fixed them already.

God has been giving healing ministers revelation on this subject for decades, possibly even centuries, but it has taken time to become more mainstream.  My personal goal with this is not just to see those “difficult cases” receive healing, but to accelerate the healing process for everyone.  What if methods that work with healing fragments and alters were able to condense decades of prayer counseling and professional therapy into just a few years of work?  What if we could get people healed from significant issues such as lifelong Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) or even lesser problems, in such a way and with a speed that they don’t pass these issues on to their children?  Wouldn’t it be great if, when we prayed and asked God to accelerate the healing process, we actually expected God to give us wisdom and revelation to make that occur?

I am convinced that is what we are seeing now in this new wave of inner healing that focuses on restoring and integrating broken parts of the soul and spirit.  It is not and has never been about creating more brokenness—that would be stupid and counterproductive.  It is about identifying pre-existing problems and connecting individuals with the resources they need to become whole.  This is why I have such a focus on healing fragments and alters—to help usher in greater healing and freedom for every single person.

As with every other blog post I write on these types of subjects, here is the part where you can find help if this subject speaks to you:

1)  Check out my coauthored book Broken To Whole: Inner Healing for the Fragmented Soul.  I and my coauthors discuss this subject, and others, in significant depth, providing practical solutions for those struggling in this area, and education for those who aren’t sure if they have this problem or not—and if you aren’t sure, get the book and let it help you find out!  This could be an answer to your prayers for solutions.

2)  For those who are concerned that this view is not scriptural, I encourage you to read another article featured on my blog titled Healing Fragments and Alters: From Genesis to Jesus by Matt Evans, healing minister, guest author, and one of the other coauthors of our book Broken To Whole:  Inner Healing for the Fragmented Soul.  It is mentioned in a number of places in scripture; the book goes into more detail than the article, but the article is a great starting point.

3)  Pick up a bottle of Fragment Finder flower essence from Freedom Flowers, specifically designed to help accelerate the healing and integration process.

4) If you want to pick up both the book and the essences, you can get the Broken To Whole Essence Kit, which includes both the book and a five-essence combination that should help address the most significant aspects of this process of soul healing.

5) Connect with a prayer counselor and/or inner healing minister to jump-start your journey to wholeness.  Check out our Resources Page for contact information.




  1. Samuel Vang

    Hi Michael. Keep on moving forward and eventually inner healing will become the mainstream practice. You are a trailblazer.

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