Christmas is rapidly approaching, and with it comes a variety of other things that require my time and attention.  Thus, I will be taking a brief break from the weekly blog post until after the New Year.  All in all this has been a good, and busy, year.  I published two books, Faith to Raise The Dead and The Beginner’s Guide to Traveling in the Spirit, the latter of which was a bit of a Spirit-led surprise, but which I am very pleased with.  Already I have received messages from people who have found the book to resonate strongly with them and I am encouraged that it is accomplishing what it was meant to do.  In other news, tomorrow and Friday (12/14 and 12/15) I will be doing a 2 day Miracles school on the Sonsrising Facebook page at 10am PST both days (or 7 pm Nigerian time).  Come join us or catch the replay if you miss it.

This year we also managed to successfully launch the Divine Gem Essences in concert with Freedom Flowers, a set of gem essences derived from supernatural gems that the Lord has brought to our house.  I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I have been quite pleasantly surprised by the results.  Sunshine and I both regularly use the Carnelian essence, what I call “motivation in a bottle”, to get things done.

In other news, I am excited to announce that my wife, stepdaughter, and I just launched our new health and wellness company, Sun & Sea Naturals, and are experiencing the learning curve that comes with it.  Currently we are having a Christmas sale with the few products we have out so far.  Take a look, and be sure to use coupon code Holiday3 at checkout to get in on the sale ($10 each becomes 3 for $25.99).  We have many new things planned for the coming year, so be sure to “like” the S&S Facebook page here.  We are planning to focus for now on essential oils, but are working to add some bio-field enhancing products, bath and body items, and more, with a long-term vision of becoming a general wellness clearinghouse.  Please help us get the word out and share with your family and friends!

I am actively working on my Masters of Nursing Education, so I will be spending some of the coming weeks getting caught up on some of that work, as well as generally getting the house cleaned up.  Sunshine and I have been gradually working on downsizing some of the “extra” in our house, moving old belongings out that simply don’t fit where we are at in life anymore, both making room for the new and decluttering and reducing the overall “stuff” energy in the house.

We also got a puppy this year (some of you may have caught my blog post earlier this year titled “How My New Puppy Healed My Heart“), and Rowan is not only growing like a weed, but we’re going to have to spend some focused time training her in the near future, as she is both huge and an energetic atom-bomb running around the house.  She is a much-loved addition to the family, although she gets into everything.

My goal for 2018 is to publish 3 books, one on writing books, one on miracles, and one on the message of life and immortality.  I hope to get at least one class up in the Immortality Academy, so prayers are appreciated toward that end.   We are also hosting our first Kings of Eden event, the Portland School of Resurrection 2018, training and teaching the Body of Christ to have faith to raise the dead.  You can find more information on our Events page.  I am excited for what God has in store for us in the coming year, and look forward to experiencing 2018 with all of you!  Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support, comments, and words of encouragement in the past year, and I pray this holiday season and new year carries immense favor and blessing to you all.

In Christ,

-Michael C. King-


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