Seeing in the spirit is not as hard as people think.  The fact is that most people *already* see in the spirit, and simply don’t realize it.  Certainly there are those who have visions more than others, but it is a skill like any other, and anyone can learn how.  The following are ways I have found helpful to learn and grow in this area:  6 keys to seeing in the spirit.


1. Believe What You See

One of the most common things people do when they have a vision is doubt it—and doubt it immediately.  I do believe the demonic help with this by casting doubt into the situation, but when we think we see something, we have to give it a chance.  Everyone has those double-take moments where they look at something and look again because of what they *think they saw*.  Usually it ends up being something benign, like a person standing there on second glance is a coat hanging on a hook, or a strange looking animal is actually a gnarled tree stump.  Here’s a little secret:  whatever you thought you saw the first time, you *did* see—it was just a spiritual reality, so when you looked the second time, with your natural eyes, you didn’t see it anymore.  Whether a double-take or a vision in your mind’s eye, trust that you saw what you think you saw, and run with the revelation long enough to test it out and give it a chance.  If you do this, you will miss far less of what you are being shown.
– double-take for a reason, yes you actually saw it.  Confidence.


2. Look

In the book of Ezekiel, at the beginning of the book it often says “I looked and I saw. . . ”  Later on it has more “I saw”.  The key here is that he began by looking for things, and eventually he grew to a point where he would see whether he was looking or not.  It is possible to train yourself to see in the spirit, and trying to do so will generally yield better results more frequently.  Oftentimes people are waiting for visions to happen to them.  Go and happen to the vision.


3. Practice

Like any skill, practice makes one improve significantly.  When I first began to learn how to see in the spirit, I would take opportunities to practice this prophetic gift.  I would use almost any excuse to prophesy over people to practice getting visions, and I would spend time in worship and sitting in God’s presence simply to have more encounters.  Partly it was to enjoy Him, but another part of it was to hone my ability to see.  Find opportunities to practice seeing in the spirit, then go forward with expectation.


4. Engage The Power Of Testimonies

Talk to (and read about) encounters other people have had.  The Bible says that faith comes by hearing (Romans 10:17).  When we hear the stories of others and their encounters, often they can help activate the gifts inside us and stir our faith to expect to have our own encounters.


5. Have Expectation

Expect visions.  Expect supernatural encounters.  Nothing about anyone else is *more* special than you, so if it can happen to someone else, it *will* happen to you.  You simply need to expect that it will, and by doing so engage the power of faith.


6. Receive

Understand this is an innate ability inherent within your makeup.  Simply receive that truth.  Don’t get yourself all worked up, striving to try to earn or hunt for this gift.  I wish I had known this back when I first learned to see in the spirit.  I spent a lot of time and energy trying to hunt down this spiritual gift because I didn’t understand that *I already had it.* I realized years later that I have seen in the spirit almost my entire life, and just didn’t know it!  It can be helpful at times to have others help activate that gift, but the fact is that the Holy Spirit, the Giver of the gifts, already lives in you.  You already have whatever you need, and don’t need someone else to make it “work” for you.  Just receive this truth by faith, and walk it out with expectation!




  1. Todd Tyszka

    Thank you for this post and gentle reminder Michael. May we see and sense more as we seek Him and His will!

  2. Diana Spy

    I don’t have the right kindle for this. Not sure what to do. Lol be blessed! He dances over me with singing!

  3. Patty

    Thanks Michael! Good encouragement!

  4. karenspeaksblessings

    Do you ever see images really fast and not be able to tell what they all are? That happened to me the other day. I could tell what only one of the images were.


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